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Clearly the Yard of a Cooking Enthusiast

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This year I intend to be a better, more attentive vegetable gardener.

The barriers that have kept me from being a vegetable gardener in years past have been, for the most part, dismantled. I’ve traded my 60+ hour a week job that forced me into frequent business travel for a more balanced (and yippee food-focused) job that doesn’t require me to travel; I’ve actually read half a book on organic gardening; and now that I’m not that young anymore, I don’t mind coming home promptly to water my little seedlings. Now, it’s just my limited knowledge of soil and the particular needs of the plants and my anal, exacting nature that need to be rectified.

Growing things to eat suits my slow, contemplative nature. I am a patient person – at least most of the time. However, I like to blast dried beans in the pressure cooker, as I usually find I want beans NOW or 35 minutes from now and not after an overnight soak and I frequently burn asparagus put too close to the broiler because I want to eat asparagus in 5 minutes, not 10. But there is no rushing the incremental preparation of food coaxed from a seed.


eh, flowers

Being that it is now late May, my yard is an explosion of garish colors. Yes, yes that hot pink bush is bright. Yes, yes those irises are impressive, bowing low from the weight of their heavy blossoms. But it is the more monochromatic greens, light greens, dark greens, and variegated lime yellows of the numerous herbs and vegetables scattered throughout my yard that thrill me and have me anxiously counting the hours of sunlight.

Since first cutting the soil in the yard of this, my first, house I have planted almost nothing but edibles. I’ve kept most of the flowering whatnots that came with the house, moving beds of this and that into more contained quarters and much to the dismay of my neighbors, completing removing an unwieldy patch of “prize-winning dahlias, reallocating the prime spaces for vegetable beds and herbs.


one herb patch

Patches of thyme in several varieties dot my yard along with stands of greek oregano (as many as I can wedge into the yard – the stuff is so freakin good … more to come on that one), sage, chives, rosemary, lavender, mint, and spearmint.

greek oregano

greek oregano



The vegetables require more time. Having waited until late April to put seeds out, the only notable growth has been the arugula, which has been a joy. Last year I planted the arugula seeds too early and they perished in a unseasonably late cold spell.


arugula ... just days away from salad time

Coming up is a bounty of greens: black kale and swiss chard, beets, three kinds of potatoes, summer squash, scarlet runner beans, and four kinds of tomatoes. I’ve done my job, now sun, do yours.

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    Thanks a lot. Now I’m hungry.

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