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A Week of Tomato Goodness

Harvested about six pounds of tomatoes from the garden, plus a few from the CSA which meant a lot of tomato processing this week.


Tomato Rainbow


Home-cooked goodness in no particular order

  • Homemade fettucini with homemade tomato sauce and sardines … the dismal, wet summer produce rather mealy tomatoes, but after a good stewing with carrots, celery, oregano, and garlic the sauce was perfect.
  • Kale chips seasoned with nanami togarashi
  • Whole rainbow trout roasted with lemon and herbs + roasted potatoes + sauteed haricot verts
  • Dill pickle chips … Dylan’s first pickle-making adventure was a success!
  • Slow roasted cherry tomatoes … in red, black, orange, and yellow
  • Buckwheat pancakes … the batter reminds me of a dark chocolate milkshake with a healthy dose of coffee grounds, but tastes like nothing of the sort. These are definitely a household favorite.
  • Savory biscotti … there will undoubtedly be more to say about these crunchy bits of wonderful.


Not a lot of restaurant action this week

  • Arancini (saffron risotto with a cheesy core of caccio cavolo), Sturgeon with lentils and a poached egg, and Grandma’s greens (stewed kale served in an amazingly rich anchovy broth) at La Medusa
  • Insalata Tricolore (arugula, cherry tomatoes, ricotta) at Via Tribunali … lordy that ricotta was sweet and rich
  • Nicoise Salad (smoked halibut, cherry tomatoes, butter lettuce, and baby fingerlings tossed with tapenade) at Spring Hill … it was good, but the halibut was slightly over salted for my taste
  • Broccoli melt + beet salad + chips at Homegrown … broccoli on a sandwich is a no brainer for me.

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