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Made and Ate This Week

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Notable eats both in and out this week

Pomodori al Forno

Pomodori al Forno


  • Escolar with avocado and speck from Anchovies & Olives … buttery and decadent; however, it was better the week before with the spicy coppa and watermelon salad.
  • Bigoli with anchovies and chilis from Anchovies & Olives … fishy, salty, spicy with big, hearty pasta in my favorite shape – long.
  • Huevos rancheros and spicy hashbrowns at Coastal Kitchen … not the usual soggy, gloppy mess that I’ve come to expect from huevos rancheros. Instead it was crisp, rich, and eggy with an earthy spiciness that reminded me of mole and just enough tang.
  • Tomato soup and potato roll from the Dahlia Bakery … I love this soup and the roll is pillowy heaven.
  • Petrus Aged Pale with frites at Brouwer’s Cafe … frites — enough said; but this beer was tangy, carbonated amazingness.


  • Pizza of course … three flavors: spicy broccoli; kale with smoked cheddar; and pesto with golden beets, goat cheese, and pomodori al forno (slow roasted tomatoes).
  • Pomodori al forno … having harvested a modest supply of tomatoes from my garden, I was anxious to try this recipes I’ve been dreaming about since 2008.
  • Oatmeal peanut butter sandwich cookies … I’ve been obsessed with a similar cookie from the Dahlia Bakery, but at $2 a piece, I’m looking for a good recipe I can make myself.
  • Kale chips … I freakin love kale and I love chips, so what could be better? Add to that I have a bounty of kale this year, so thank goodness for kale chips. A huge bunch of kale can be easily reduced to a crispy, salty, seaweed-like snack.

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