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It Makes Food Taste Better

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I can clearly see the food plated on the 80′s china with what appears to be geometric vomit spattered around the rim of the plate and the same food plated on standard issue white porcelain. The makings of a study right up my alley, but I can’t recall exactly where I read it. The study found that the same food presented in two ways — your parent’s wedding china from 1979 versus plain white makes a difference in how food is perceived. Not a big surprise, but now scientifically validated: food on white plates just plain tastes better. And so in an effort to eke out a little more deliciousness from home cookery we’ve traded in the outdated, patterned Mikasa china purchased when I was way too young to know better for restaurant supply white, 10″ dinner plates, bowls, and salad plates. Long overdue.

It was a big transition, one I’ve been thinking about for some time and in so many ways seems much too mundane to reflect on. But how many times in a lifetime does one switch out their dining ware? Twice, maybe thrice? I drooled over Heath for months, but dammit all, it was just too expensive. So I went with restaurant supply plates and bowls, spending less than $200 for 12 place settings. I splurged and bought two mugs and a shallow serving bowl from Heath.

And does the food taste better? Why yes, it does and looks better. Strangely, it sounds better too. There is a sound that sturdy, workhorse restaurant plates make that is industrious and musical. It is the sound of meal after meal after meal – perpetual. And the Heath … I run my finger nails across the empty belly of that shallow serving bowl and it sings.

I look forward to many home cooked meals during which the dining ware is not a distraction.

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