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Scallion and Kale Kimchi

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The joys of figuring out what to do with the CSA and home garden bounty

I’ve always regarded green onions (i.e. scallions if you want to be fancy) as garnish, providing an oniony bite and burst of green to starchy dishes or eggs. It’s an ingredient that you don’t need much of and I’ve composted bunches in my life after garnishing aforementioned starch and egg. So when a sizable bundle was delivered in my CSA box, I decided it was time to figure out how to pump up the volume on my green onion usage.

To my delight I found Spring Onion Greens Kimchi at Food in Jars. I read a few more recipes and discovered YOU CAN KIMCHI JUST ABOUT ANYTHING. So I did a simple kimchi with my CSA green onions and tossed in some kale, just to be cool.

Food In Jars used this recipe from Tigress in a Pickle. And I did too for the most part, using the 1/2 cayenne and 1/2 sweet paprika modification. The resulting kimich is good, although a bit on the spicy side for me. It’s drier than store bought, jarred kimichi and the kale gives it a hearty chew. I didn’t have ginger when I made it and that component is definitely missed. Two weeks later and the color has remained a strikingly deep emerald.

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