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Sunday Pizza

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Pizza Crust from the Mozza Cookbook

During a good week, we might eat at home three times. On a typical workweek night I’m at the office late into the evening until my stomach protests. My refrigerator bulges with weeknight dinner possibilities that I just can’t seem to bring to fruition. Every week I tell myself, I’ll try to eat in a few more time this week.

What has emerged from my harried workaday Monday through Fridays are weekend-long cooking sprints, when I finally have some time to roast vegetables, blanch tomatoes, and coddle dough. Which has lead to Sunday pizza nights. I love pizza. Did I mention that I love pizza?

Early in the week my copy of The Mozza Cookbook, pre-ordered months ago, finally arrived and I spent the rest of the week anxious to get to that pizza crust recipe. Today was the day and the photo above is the best I could muster between greedy, crackly bites. The crust was pillowy, ethereal, with just the right amount of chew and crunch.

That being said, I did tweak the recipe in a few slight ways. First, I let the sponge develop for about 6 hours, instead of 1-1/2 hours, and I omitted the 1-1/2 teaspoons of wheat germ. I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase a pound of the stuff, only to use 1-1/2 teaspoons for the recipe. If I can manage to find other interesting uses for wheat germ, I’ll include it next timr to see if it makes a difference in flavor or texture. Also, I divided the dough into 3 parts rather than 6.

We dressed our pizzas with the Passata di Pomodoro, also from The Mozza Cookbook, whole milk mozzarella, and fresh marjoram from the yard. Our bellies were happy and full.

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