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No Knead Rye

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Rye Bread

How is it that something so unfussy resulted in something so glorious? It has taken me quite some time to get around to trying the no-knead method of bread baking, but I finally managed to last weekend. I’m not sure that it will become a regular occurrence in our house, given how close we live to one of Seattle’s best bakeries, but it was well worth what little effort it took.  Basically, all ingredients (i.e. flour, water, yeast, salt) are stirred together in a bowl, left to rise for 12 to 18 hours, shaped, left to rise for another 2 hours, and baked covered in a cast iron dutch oven for about 60 minutes.

The bread didn’t come out as highly domed as I had hoped, but our old house runs on the cold side, so I think that the 16 hour rise wasn’t quite long enough. But beyond that minor flaw, the bread had a dark, crackly exterior and a chewy, lush, and bubbly interior.  We kept it under a cake dome, where it lasted through the week as we worked our way through thick slices with butter and jam and sandwiches.

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