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Pastrami Notes

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Test batch

Bought the point end of the brisket, because it looked like a big, thick ol slab of meat. Should have bought the flat. Ended up trimming about 25-30 % of it off because it was fat.

Bought a one-pound bag of pink salt on Amazon, but the butcher sold smaller amounts. Need to return the pound bag to Amazon.

Dirtied too many pots to arrive at the right one for brining. Regular stock pock was  big enough for the <5-pound piece.

Smoker is running hot. For the about the first 30 minutes, it looks like it’s been at 300. Turned the flame down a bit.

First hour in smoker at about 300. The pastrami is taking on a golden color. After an hour the wood chips were gone, but there were a few big, blackened chunks left.

After 90 minutes, the temperature has gone down to about 275. Added more wood chunks and chips. Internal meat temp is about 130. Color is getting darker. More deep brown now than golden. Meat is also tightening up and getting shorter and thicker.

After two hours, the temperature has remained around 275. Internal meat temp is about 136. Turned meat over.

After two hours, 3o minutes, the temperature was just shy of 275. Internal meat temp is about 145. Smoke died down quite a bit and water in pan had reduced to 1/3 and was bubbling. Added a little more water and more chips for last 30-6o minutes of smoking.

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