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Had the family over yesterday for brunch to celebrate my sister in law’s birthday. It was a great exercise in excess and lots of prep the night before.

Here’s what we had:

  • Baked french toast (
  • Freshly baked cinnamon rolls (
  • Breakfast strata with portobellos, pecorino toscano, and roasted onions (from Macrina Bakery & Cafe Cookbook)
  • Carrot and broccoli terrine (
  • Salad of frisee, fennel, and celery (White Salad from Lark: Cooking Against the Grain)
  • Turkey breakfast sausage
  • Non-alcohol fresh juice cocktail of apple, celery, fennel, ginger juice with a float of beet juice

My sister made the cinnamon rolls, which were light and buttery and absolutely divine. It was a good menu, not too brunch cliche, a bit on the excessive side with three bready items, but it was a celebration, so more bread please! The baked french toast and breakfast strata were great prepare ahead items that went into the oven about an hour before breakfast.

The juice cocktail was something I’d like to do more of  – what I was looking for was something refreshing and non-alcoholic, but exciting to look at and sip. I kept the apple juice and beet juice separate and mixed the celery, fennel stalks (left over from the salad), and ginger. I was hoping for a very light, pale, pale green base with a striking float of beet juice. I started with a mixture of apple juice with the celery mixture, some lemon San Pellegrino soda to brighten it up, and about of tablespoon of the beet juice right on top. The beet juice did exactly what I hoped it would — just floated right on top. The green wasn’t as pale as I had hoped, but it tasted dang good.

I’m finding more and more that what is lacking in cookbooks and food blogging/writing are menus or ways to combine items to round out a meal. While I like to think I know how to combine items into a satisfying and well composed meal, I’m not so sure that I do. In eating and cooking and life in general, I’ve been thinking about this a lot — how do I compose and combine and edit for  balance.


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